Top Technology Trends for 2023

It’s the time of year when predictions are being made for the top technology trends for the new year – 2023. We have assembled a number of them for this article.

They show considerable diversity, in part because of the differing perspectives of the organizations making the predictions. However, there is also some unanimity. Some ideas stand out.

For example,

AI and ML.  There appears to be a consensus on the growing importance of AI in business and in our lives generally and that we will see more of it in the coming year.

Crypto and blockchain. Although crypto has suffered in 2022, it isn’t going away. Perhaps last year should be viewed as growing pains. Blockchain itself is becoming ubiquitous through a variety of applications and increased incorporation into core processes, such as supply chain applications.

Security – growing need for change because of the rise in hacker activity. We will see less emphasis on passwords and more on multistage logins, passkeys as opposed to passwords, perhaps a shift to digital wallets to help contain data exposure.

Internet of Things leading to development of still more applications using techniques like full stack development.

Here is a selection of the latest forecasts:

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