Take a step back from Generative AI, by Jerry Trites

Interested in adopting ChatGPT or generative AI for your business? Take a step back and look at their Large Language Model (LLM) origins. An LLM is a neuro-network using an algorithm that “processes natural language inputs and predicts the next word based on what it’s already seen. It goes on to predict the next word, and the next word, and so on until its answer is complete.”

ChatGPT is based on the GPT LLM, but there are others. “Along with OpenAI’s GPT-3 and 4 LLM, popular LLMs include open models such as Google’s LaMDA and PaLM LLM (the basis for Bard), Hugging Face’s BLOOM and XLM-RoBERTaNvidia’s NeMO LLMXLNetCo:here, and GLM-130B.”

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Will the Canadian AIDA be a tragedy?

By Gerald Trites

Until recent times, AIDA represented the popular opera written by Verdi in 1871, a tragedy in which love is contested against duty and neither wins. In Canada, AIDA now refers to the proposed legislative framework, the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act.

The proposals come at a time when AI systems are developing at breakneck speed and creating both anticipation about the power of new applications and concern about how they might be harmful to people. The situation has left many Canadians conflicted. It’s important to Canada in part because there is a strong AI development industry in Canada, which will become more important as new capabilities emerge and new applications are developed. At the same time, new AI apps are being developed for health care, creative arts and other important activities in society, for which the concerns are very legitimate.

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Generative AI in 2024

With the beginning of a new year, it’s an occasion to think about what will be the big trends of the new year. The first thing that will pop to the minds of many is artificial intelligence, particularly Generative AI. It’s been just over a year since ChatGPT made its presence known to the public, prompting a wave of speculation, hype and true activity.

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CPA Founding Partner

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada), one of the largest national accounting organizations in the world, has chosen to become a founding partner of ThinkTwenty20.