Data For Sustainability Disclosures

By Gerald Trites
Industry generally, because of legislation and stakeholder demands trying to move towards net-zero carbon emissions. Measuring progress in this endeavour calls for data that may not be available or may not be consumable because of formatting and general system disparities. Companies are working to rectify this situation and gain ready available to the needed data. It can be a big job.

Equipment being used for production, travel, deliveries etc. that generates carbon emissions often is older and does not have the sensors needed to measure emissions. It may not be practical to replace that equipment so add-ons are often needed to capture it. That will take time to resolve.

In the meantime, companies are left with finding ways to do useful estimates. The data – actual and estimates - needs to be fed into their processes and systems to be useful.

Companies are working on this, especially utilities and energy companies, mostly on scope one emissions. Scope two and three emissions are even harder to deal with from a data viewpoint, because they are outside the direct control of the company.

Check out this article which explains the issue well.

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