The Summer Issue is Out!!

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The Summer Issue of ThinkTWENTY20 Magazine for financial professionals has been published. 

The issue covers the following topics:

  • Making Auditing Standards Fit-for-Purpose in a High-Tech World
    By Gregory Shields, CPA
    Auditing standards urgently need to change, both to reflect thesignificant use of technology in business and to promote the use of automated audit procedures, including data analytics.
  • Enhancing Relevance: Shaping the Future of Corporate Reporting
    By Alan Willis, FCPA, FCA
    Financial statements alone cannot provide the information necessary for stakeholder assessment of enterprise performance. 
  • Data Privacy and Confidentiality An Ethical Primer for Professional Accountants in Business and Private Practice
    By Eric E. Cohen, CPA
    What impact might emerging accounting and audit technologies have on a practitioner’s ethical responsibilities for data confidentiality and privacy?
  • How to Succeed in Business in a Disruptive World
    By Gundi Jeffrey, Managing Editor, ThinkTWENTY20
    There are ten major political, social, environmental and technological transformations that will have profound implications for Canada’s business community and those who serve it.
  • Advanced Technologies in Financial Accounting
    By Gerald Trites, FCA, FCPA, CISA
    The Internet of Things is pervading the supply chains of business and creates a high volume of data
  • Book Review of Meltdown - Why Our Systems Fail and What We Can Do About It, by Chris Clearfield and Andras Tilcsik (Penguin Books, 2019). By Jonathan Andrews, CPA
    Meltdown is both entertaining and instructive, particularly for those with an interest in risk and risk mitigation.