Sustainable Audit Quality Remains A Challenge 

By Gundi Jeffrey, Managing Editor

Although Canada’s accounting firms have been focusing on increasing their efforts to deliver quality audits, the Canadian Public Accounting Board (CPAB) still believes there is more work to be done. The recent inspection findings in its 2018 Annual Inspection Results – which more than doubled from the year before – indicate that “sustainable audit quality is still a challenge across the firms. We believe that the strength of a firm’s audit quality management systems will be critical to accelerating improvements in the sustainability of high-quality public company audits.”

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Artificial Intelligence May Not Replace Accountants But It’s Sure Going to Change Us

By Gerald Trites, FCPA, FCA, CISA

Artificial Intelligence has been entering the world of accountants and other financial professionals for some time – usually at a basic level, such as selecting accounts to post, helping with data searches, and offering suggestions for problem-solving purposes. But, now, we are on the verge of a new wave of AI, with new technologies that have not been used before.

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CPA Founding Partner

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada), one of the largest national accounting organizations in the world, has chosen to become a founding partner of ThinkTwenty20.