KPMG US: Investing in Our People

Accounting firms treasure their professional teams and will do whatever they can to keep them safely within the firm.  On February 1, 2022, Paul Knopp, Chair and CEO of KPMG US, announced, via LinkedIn, a nearly $160M additional investment in employees, with across-the-board salary adjustments for all KPMG professionals. “This increase in salaries embodies our commitment to quickly recognize the value our people create for our clients and firm in times of change. Moreover, it reflects our appreciation for their resilience and consistent dedication to serving our clients and the capital markets with quality.”

He went on to say that “a central lesson of the past two years for leaders is the need to be flexible and agile – without hesitation – in making bold changes. Organizations are in competition for business, capital, technology, and the hearts and minds of the communities in which they operate.

“We know from our research that CEOs across the U.S. are focused on their employee value proposition and view it as the top operational priority to achieve growth objectives. We agree, and, in fact, our compensation announcement comes just months after historic fiscal year-end raises and bonuses, and a refreshed “Total Rewards” benefits package that empowers our people to navigate the challenges of work and life.”

Stepping back, said Knopp, “we remain focused on prioritizing our people across all our key initiatives so they can best harness their passion and talent to grow as professionals and deliver unparalleled client service.

  • Our diversity, equity, and inclusion ambition defined by Accelerate 2025 sets our plan to make measurable progress and make sure all our people thrive.
  • Our $1.5B global investment in expanding our ESG capabilities focuses on training each and every one of our professionals to enable our clients and our business to fully embed ESG into our strategy and day-to-day.
  • Our hybrid future reflects hundreds of conversations with employees and focuses on a bottom-up approach to define how an individual, a team, and a business works.”

Knopp concluded with “our people’s response to the pandemic showed their power and, as we move forward, we will continue to invest in their ability to drive our business forward.”

See the announcement at (4) Investing in our people | LinkedIn.