Congratulations on this article, and to you, Jerry and Gundi, for this very interesting publishing endeavor. - L.J. Brooks, Director and Professor of Business Ethics & Accounting, University of Toronto Mississauga.

"The Fall Issue of ThinkTWENTY20 is really informative and it's nice to see several familiar faces being quoted!" - Paul Cherry, former Chief Accountant of the OSC.

The article by Alan Willis, “Enhancing Relevance: Shaping the Future of Corporate Reporting,” in your Summer 2019 issue, is a very insightful, table-setting article that should be read by all serious students of reporting and, of course, its preparers.

“Congratulations for the launch of this new magazine. I really enjoyed the Spring edition.” – Chantal Rassart, Partner – National Services, Deloitte

“This new magazine has a subscription fee (think about ordering for your campus library and assigning some of the articles in courses). I like Jerry's intent here of helping to close the gap between academe and practice in a time of great changes taking place (think about submitting an article)” - Bob Jensen, AECM, Professor Emeritus, Trinity University