Who Are the Top Employers for Recent Grads?

In the US, and most likely elsewhere in the world as well, The Big Four (Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC) were among the top five organizations to hire new grads in recent years – topped only by Amazon – according to recent research by ONLINEU. A recent article posted on the organization’s website notes that “an initial economic downturn, stimulus checks, government funding to keep businesses afloat, supply shortages, lockdowns, remote work, and many other factors have significantly changed the labor market since 2019.

“Looking back on the last three years may give us some insight into what the future of work will look like for today's college graduates. We took a look at employment data from more than 550,000 graduates who earned their degrees from 2019 through 2021 to find out where they worked one year after finishing their degree.”

In the accounting and consulting space, the research found that the Big Four (Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC) held strong in hiring, building on at least a decade of being some of the largest employers for bachelor's graduates. “Accounting and consulting firms did suffer during COVID with a continuation of the slowed average revenue growth seen pre-pandemic. At the four largest US accounting firms, however, that still resulted in billions of dollars in revenue in 2020. By the end of 2021, all four had grown revenue above pre-pandemic levels, with Deloitte breaking $50 billion in global revenue for the first time.”

Although the stock market, labor market and economy have seen a turbulent year so far, says the research, it is hoped that things will stabilize going into the second half of 2022 and the first part of next year. “While it's clear that there is a broad array of jobs for computer science and business majors, graduates across degree programs are finding unique opportunities and ways to use their skills in a rapidly-changing work environment.”

So, what does the future look like for recent graduates? According to the study, “today's grads are branching out from old structures of jobs and finding fresh and innovative ways to apply their varied skill sets. In addition to a bachelor's degree, internships and other experiential opportunities may be more important than ever to thrive in lots of different roles and types of companies.”

Jobs in tech, finance and consulting will likely continue to reign. The study suggests, however, that “the growth of freelance work could signal that recent grads are more interested in setting their own parameters around their work life. It's hard to say whether or not this trend will continue for recent grads, but those who have spent the last few years working for themselves may find they prefer it over the return to the office currently underway.”

For he details, check out Attention, Class of 2022: These are the top 25 employers for recent grads (onlineu.com).