Exciting Technology Innovation Forecasted for 2023

2023 could be an exciting year for technology innovation. IndustryWired has issued its predictions, a summary of which follows:

  1. AI Everywhere
    Already rapidly expanding!
  2. Parts of the Metaverse Will Become Real
    Experts predict that the metaverse will contribute $5 trillion to the global economy by 2030 and that 2023 will be the year that defines the metaverse’s direction for the next decade.
  3. Progress in Web3
    In 2023, blockchain technology will also advance significantly as businesses develop more decentralized products and services.
  4. Bridging the Digital and Physical World
    This merger has two components: digital twin technology and 3D printing. Virtual simulations of real-world processes, operations, or products are known as digital twins, and they can be used to test new ideas in a secure digital environment.
  5. Increasingly Editable Nature
    We will be able to edit materials, plants, and even humans. We will be able to create materials with completely new properties, such as water resistance and self-healing capabilities, thanks to nanotechnology.
  6. Quantum Progress
    There is currently a worldwide race to develop large-scale quantum computing which is expected to bring us computers that can operate a trillion times faster than the fastest traditional processors currently available.
  7. Progress in Green Technology
    Expect continued progress in green hydrogen, a new clean-burning energy source with near-zero greenhouse gas emissions, in 2023.
  8. Robots Will Become More Human
    Robots will resemble humans in appearance and capability by 2023. In the real world, these robots will serve as event greeters, bartenders, concierges, and companions for the elderly.
  9. Progress in Autonomous System
    Business leaders will continue to make strides toward autonomous systems, particularly in delivery and logistics. We’ll see even more self-driving trucks and ships, as well as delivery robots.
  10. More Sustainable Technology
    Finally, in 2023, we will see a push toward more sustainable technology. People will be more concerned about where rare earth components for things like computer chips come from and how we consume them. We also use cloud services like Netflix and Spotify, which continue to run in massive data centers that consume enormous amounts of energy.

 Check out the IndustryWired predictions here: https://industrywired.com/top-10-mind-boggling-tech-predictions-on-the-horizon-for-2023/

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