A Hybrid Workforce Means Integrate Your Security Strategy

For the past few years, companies have been gradually moving towards allowing more working at home. With the onset of the pandemic, however, many organizations jumped into the work-at-home model thinking it would be a temporary condition. But a hybrid model evolved that is increasingly being accepted by many as a permanent working condition.

Many organizations are not ready for a proper approach to security in a hybrid environment.

In many or most cases, they adopted a variety of tools and now have an average of 45 different security tools in place. They adopted a variety of point solutions while what they need is an integrated platform.

Moving to an integrated platform requires a consolidation of security resources and networks on the cloud but that can be unrealistic for a variety of reasons. Therefore they need to settle for an integration strategy to support diverse platforms and the hybrid workforce. Not an easy task. This article by Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, a Vice President in Fortinet’s global Field CISO team provides some excellent guidance on this issue.

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