Coping with Growing Security Risks

As with many areas, the pandemic has accelerated the trend towards mobile workforces and the concomitant shift to cloud-based apps away from intranet based functionality. This shift raises a host of new security exposures, ranging from those inherent in the cloud to the security shortcomings sometimes extant in externally sourced apps.

Many organizations recognize this conundrum and are trying to address it. In a recent survey of 535 security leaders, forty-nine percent of the security leaders' pointed to their jobs being tougher than two years ago. The biggest challenges include “a more complex threat landscape (48%), moving workloads to the cloud and difficulty monitoring the larger attack surface (32%), and workforce hiring (28%).”

Most (88%) leaders report security spending will increase at their organization; 35% say there will be a "significant" boost.”

Determining where the new money for security will go is likely to reflect this new reality. It’s a big challenge.

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