Data Resilience is Essentially Data Management.

In our time of data driven decision making, data must be able to be relied on. That’s an important reason for thinking about data resilience. Reliable data must be available when needed. But data resilience involves more than availability. It includes anything that impedes the data from meeting its intended use. That involves security, usability, robustness, reliability, performance, and so on.

However, data resilience is often regarded as a technology problem. This could not be further from the truth.

Data resilience involves people. People have different degrees of knowledge about data and sometimes specific knowledge may not be available when needed.

Data resilience also requires that controls be in place to ensure availability and provide protection from disruption. These controls need to be planned, implemented and monitored before problems arise.

Finally, data resilience involves governance as well. Governance involves establishing who owns the data and any related processes and who is responsible for executing the processes.

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