Faster Digital Transformation Resilience, Agility

We find ourselves in an uncertain world. We don’t know how long the pandemic will last nor how it will end – if it does. We don’t know what the world at the other end will look like. It is clear that some of the changes that have taken place, such as the location of the workplace, will survive in some form. Digital orders, home deliveries, all that will likely survive at least partially, as people get used to the convenience.  

Uncertainty changes the nature of long term planning. At one level, long term planning is out the window, simply because we don’t know what to plan for. At another level, long term planning is even more important, and it must be done much faster. For example, we do know that every organization must be able to deal with rapid change. That means agility. We know that the change may be very disruptive. That means resilience.

Planning to make the organisation resilient and agile is leading many organizations to make themselves digital more quickly. Digitization includes not only the means to connect digitally with customers, although that is very important, but also the digitization of supply chains, building a digital infrastructure to streamline communications, and developing new ways of working with the new skills required.

An excellent set of resources on this matter is found on the KPMG International site.

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