Blackrock Affirms Sustainability Investing

BlackRock Corporation, which represents U.S.$25 trillion in assets under management, recently surveyed clients around the world, to understand the shift towards sustainable assets and how the pandemic may affect it. They came to some clear conclusions – principally that the extant trend towards raising the importance of sustainability as an investment objective along with profitability is not going away.

At the beginning of 2020, BlackRock laid out a series of steps to make sustainability a key component of its investment approach, driven by an investment conviction that an understanding of sustainability issues is essential to long-term investment performance. In mid-2020, they surveyed their clients to better understand their attitudes to sustainable investing, how the pandemic has affected implementation, and how innovation can spur adoption.

They found that 54% of the 425 investors surveyed, representing as estimated U.S.$25 trillion in assets under management, consider sustainable investing to be fundamental to investment processes and outcomes, 

The pronouncements of Blackrock add substance to the growth of sustainability investing and the need for ESG disclosures by corporations.

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