Adjusting to the New Now

We all know that the post-covid world will be different than it was before. What we don’t know exactly is how different, or precisely what the changes will be. Some of the changes in behaviour will last. Others not. Some will lead to further changes.

Jim Carroll gives us some facts to ponder:

  • “you won’t be going to a conference, event, or corporate off-site for a long, long time
  • even so, you don’t like the virtual events you’ve been to so far – they’re pretty bad, too long, are boring and often devoid of content
  • and yet, organizations and associations have a crushing, relentless need to bring their people, teams and members together in the relentless pursuit of new knowledge and new connections.”

For more on these views, check out this website.

Clearly there is some reconciliation needed here. And further changes will be needed to accomplish this. And there is not much time to adapt. As Jim says,” act fast.”

There is an excellent series going on CNBC at which will help businesses with finding a focus of the change they need. It could be better, faster online service, changing products, streamlining supply chains, or something else.

There is no one change that will fit all businesses. But change is needed, And fast!

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