Preparing for the Aftermath

One thing businesses have earned when this pandemic got going and they had to restructure many aspects of their business was that in some respects they were not well prepared for such an occurance. They can be excused. Who could have foreseen it all?

One of the key areas where preparation could have been better for many companies was in the area of employees working at home. Security structures for home environments needed to be ramped up quickly, in order to protect key data such as customer information and sensitive transactions such as cash transfers in and out of bank accounts.

It’s never too early to start planning for the next time and for the changes that are likely to survive the current pandemic. This means doing things like improving support for offsite workers, with better transmission protocols and security for offsite transactions and data, instruct and provide tools for the staff to protect themselves from phishing attacks, lock down APIs, clean up code, review cloud architectures, and other similar steps. For more , check out this excellent article 

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