Ethics and AI Replacement of Humans

With the increasing potential of AI to replace humans in jobs, much emphasis has been placed on the issues of job loss and other negative implications of replacing humans with AI.


Less attention, however, has been given to the question of when is it unethical not to replace humans with AI machines.

For example, in risky jobs where deaths run high, maybe there is a responsibility to use robots where it becomes feasible.  “Logging, fishing, aviation, and roofing are very much thriving professions that each account for a large portion of work-related deaths and injuries.” 

Another example lies in the health care world, where it is known that AI can be better than humans at diagnosing illness. There is some responsibility to use all the best methods available to help save lives.

And then there is the use of AI to analyze big data, where in some industries lives can depend on making the best decisions free of human bias and error.

No doubt some of these issues will be resolved through legislation during the next decade. For more on this intriguing issue, check out this article.

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