Converging IoT and 5G

Possibly the greatest potential for increased productivity is in IoT Automation of Supply Chains.

There are many objects that can be automated with IoT technology throughout the supply chain, from planning, logistics, materials movement, quality control, machining, distribution. All of these phases of the supply chain contain devices that can be automated and integrated on the internet, such as trucks, forklifts, conveyor belts and scanners. In some cases, AI can be injected to introduce machine learning. 

The advent of 5G is showing promise in improving the use of IoT, especially in Germany, where implementation is relatively advanced. That’s largely because 5G provides faster speed than 4G networks and also accommodates vastly more devices, which of course is critical to IoT. 

KPMG published a paper on converging IoT and 5G, which offers a good high level perspective. It is available from

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