Reasons Technology Innovation Initiatives will Lag

1. Defensive posture
“resistance to change” is often cited as the top reason technology change efforts fail. 

2. Lack of sponsorship and accountability
Without visible sponsorship (championship) from one or more senior leaders, innovation efforts are bound to flounder. 

3. Lack of capacity to deliver
Technology leaders often ask their best talent to split time between managing business operations and participating in innovation initiatives which can leave them distracted by their regular jobs.

6. Not-invented-here syndrome
Organizations that don’t look for innovation beyond their own walls limit their ability to operate and win in the marketplace. 

7. Out-of-sync efforts
Innovation often requires different parts of the whole organization to work in concert. 

8. Bias toward process over speed
New technologies and techniques have rendered traditional sequential innovation processes obsolete. For example, a traditional innovation process would view prototyping and scaling as distinct, sequential activities. Today, cloud platforms offer instantly flexible and scalable infrastructure.

9. Expectation of different results from the same talent
It’s not enough to allocate funding and resources for innovation. Technology leaders should infuse their organizations with talent driven to think creatively and take intelligent risks. 

10. Failure to measure
The metrics used to measure the success of innovation initiatives are different from those used to measure the success of traditional business initiatives and should be clearly constructed so they don’t thwart innovation. 

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