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Theme Blockchain Health, safety and security of workforce; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) Anywhere Operations 
Topic 1 History and nature of Blockchain  Workforce mobility, AI and ML in Assurance Workplace hybrids
Topic 2 Who is using Blockchain and why Mental health issues, AI and ML in Financial  Reporting Customer service anywhere
Topic 3 Blockchain and internal control  Communications strategies How AI is influencing personnel behaviour Edge Computing
Topic 4 Blockchain in assurance/financial reporting Keeping workforce happy and motivated. AI and Robotics - Where are they going? Anywhere technology management
Book Review Tapscott Book on Blockchain How The Brain Works    
Release Date 15-Mar-21 15-Jun-21 15-Sep-21 15-Dec-21
    Possible Future Themes    
    Big Data and Advanced Analytics    
    Virtual reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)  
    The Internet of Behaviours (IoB)    
    Which emerging technologies will become mainstream?