Advertising Rates

Sponsor Rates and Advertising Rates.

Sponsor Rates (CAD):

  • Foundation Sponsor $25,000 for the first year, $15,000 each year after the first year (Up to three available) Foundation Sponsor will have the lead ad in their first issue. They also may suggest topics for future issues. Up to 3 ad placements per issue included in the foundation package.
  • Gold Sponsor $8000 per issue (Five available) Gold sponsors get 4 ad placements per issue.
  • Silver Sponsor $5,000 per issue (Ten available) Silver sponsors get 3 ad placements per issue.
  • Supporting Sponsor $3,000 per issue (20 available) Supporting sponsors get 2 ad placements per issue. 


Advertising Rates (CAD):

  • Per issue advertiser full page $1,500
  • Per issue advertiser 1/2 page  $ 750
  • Per issue advertiser 1/4 page  $ 375