Augmented Intelligence may be a Practical Solution

Since Artificial Intelligence has been expanding rapidly in capabilities, there has been a growing line of thought about AI replacing human jobs. In some cases this is happening. According to Gartner group, many businesses are looking to augmented intelligence to improve human job performance rather than having AI replace humans.

Augmented Intelligence is defined as the use of AI by humans to provide better information to make decisions. One example would be in the field of data analytics, where AI can offer more complete analysis of big data in order to strengthen the basis for decisions. Car mechanics can use AI systems to provide information on a car, such as history of similar cars, past usage patterns and factory information all brought together in a form focused on the particular issue at hand. Or a company can use AI to go through data on customer preferences together with product features in order to provide carefully chosen options to be offered to customers. Clothing companies are using this approach. 

AI used in an augmented approach can be less costly and less disruptive than replacing humans.

"’In reality, augmented intelligence is designed to work alongside people to unleash the combined power of technology with human intelligence and empathy,’ states Leroy Farrell, vice president and general manager, engineering service and solutions, at photography and film technology giant Canon USA.” Check it out here.

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