A New Era in E-commerce

The days of a global free-ranging internet are coming to a close. A recent report by A T Kearney points to the Balkanization of the Internet and the consequent disorder that will ensue for business.

Evidence the Balkanization is already underway can be found in the restrictions placed on usage by China (with its Great Firewall), the new Internet law in Russia, and increasing restrictions placed by the US and others on who companies can do business with over the internet. With the rise in nationalism and protectionism, this is expected to continue and grow. Also concerns about privacy are causing more countries to place restrictions on the locale of data, with a preference for having it located within their boundaries. India, Australia and Russia all require companies to store certain data within their geographic borders

And the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has put in place new requirements for user consent, data privacy protection, data transfers, and breach notifications. 

Clearly, all of this will have an important impact on corporate systems, and companies need to monitor and prepare. 


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