AI Hits the Mainstream

One of the best indications of the growing use of AI for mainstream activities is in the recent announcements by SAP and Oracle of the inclusion of AI to assist with automating its processes.

A release earlier this year of the SAP s/4HANA ERP platform included 100 out-of-the-box AI and robotic process automation-powered capabilities, designed to help automate 50% of the manual tasks in its ERP system by 2021. 

The other main ERP giant, Oracle, announced a major round of AI enhancements to its product lineup during its March Modern Customer Experience event in Las Vegas. The new AI enhancements include, among other features, an expense reporting assistant, project management digital assistant, and advanced financial controls.

SAP and Oracle represent the major part of the ERP market and their use of AI to automate the systems shows in a realistic and practical way how AI is becoming an integral part of contemporary financial systems. It’s not robots taking over the world, but rather a useful tool for reducing the mundane aspects of record keeping and enabling people to assume a more analytical and managerial role. That’s progress.


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